Rex Sauna & Steam: Sauna Spa machine manufacturer in India

Rex Sauna & Steam: Sauna Spa machine manufacturer in India

Rex Sauna & spa is an India’s one of the best sauna spa machine manufacturer in India. Rex Bodyline is involved in setting up of Steam Bath and Sauna Bath on turnkey basis serving Residential and Commercial Sectors including Spas, Gyms, Health Clubs, Hotels, Private Residences, Clubhouses, and Salons.

In this article, we will share their sauna & steam machines which are manufactured by them and also their features. We provide residential solutions and commercial sauna & steam. Being sauna spa machine manufacturer in India, we provide a Powerful design that can be customizable according to the user needs with stunning inbuilt features.

If you have a gym or salon then this compact yet powerful machine can help you to grow your business. Rex Spa is well-known brand since 1996 with 100% customer satisfaction and delivers unmatched speedy performance. This is one of the reasons that we are one of the best sauna spa machine manufacturers in India.

Rex Sauna & Steam: Sauna Spa machine manufacturer in India

#1 Residential steam generator
The residential steam machine is ideal for various salons, gyms, and homes. It is compact in size, can be easily hung on the wall and has 3 level water control system. It gives super quality steam and doesn’t make any kind of noise. The residential steam generator has cut off the system for both temperature and timer. Therefore, it is very safe to use in the house.
Furthermore, you can find various interesting features of this machine on our official website and many more other relevant information.

#2 Commercial steam generator
The commercial steam generator has the capacity of 9KW to 18 KW. This machine can be used for semi-commercial to commercial use. It has many advanced features such as stainless steel tank, microprocessor-based programmable system, auto cut system, low energy consumption, shielded control cables and enclosures are made up of CRC sheets. These are some few of the feature you can find on the commercial steam generator. Moreover, we are the one of the best steam generator selling products across Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu. We also provide a wide range of semi-commercial steam generator sauna machine.

#3 Sauna Heater
The Rex Spa sauna heater has striking features that include powerful and customizable design. It has an electronic steam sensor for correct room temperature. It consumes low energy that produces a constant bathing temperature and continuous steam production with little noise which makes sauna more relaxing experience. Rex Spa provided the sauna heater with auto cut off on time feature or auto cut off on temperature feature.

#4 LCD controller
The controller of the sauna and steam machine makes it easy to use these machines. It has digital screen which displays the information in an alpha numeric system. It also has microprocessor inbuilt in it.

Our product range

steam generator

Residential steam generator
4.5KW - 6KW

Rex Spa units use three levels of water sensors to prevent the unit from activating the elements without water and to intake minimal water insulation is used in the steam generator for fireproofing safety to create steam. When we talk about steam machine manufacturer in Punjab then Rex Spa is one of the biggest dealer and manufacturer of spa and sauna machine manufacturer.

sauna heater

Sauna Heater

Rex Spa is India’s one of the biggest manufacturer of sauna machine manufacture in Punjab. Commercial Steam Generator is one of the best selling products across Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu. Rex Spa produces spa machines for commercial use as well as for personal use. Commercial steam generator has advanced attributes such as low voltage control, shielded control cable, low energy consumption and many more.

commercial steam generator

Commercial & semi-commercial steam generator
9KW - 18KW

Insulation is used in the steam generator for fireproofing safety. Commercial Steam Generator has exterior body which is built with louvers for air circulations. Rex Spa is spa machine manufacturer that produces steam machine which has high quality attributes and many customers working with them who truly trust Rex Spa for their work.

All the components of Rex Spa have been tested under supervision of experts also all the components can be serviced or tested on the site. We provide residential solutions, commercial sauna and steam and our customer support is available 24/7.

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